Meat Cabinets

With the ability to cure meat in our Italian made meat cabinets, you’ll soon be journeying around the culinary world on a flavour-fuelled voyage.

For the meat lover, opening the doors of a Savoury Imports meat cabinet is like stepping into a heaven. Our Top Grade Stainless Steel meat cabinets will produce treasure troves of quality, authentic meats that are overflowing with flavor.

The process of aging meat offers a flavor, so much richer, deeper and more intense than freshly cooked cuts. Once you’ve equipped your restaurant, butcher shop, or grocery store with a meat cabinet from Savoury Imports, your customers may never eat fresh again!

The cabinets offer users the ability to tightly control the aging process of their meats. Temperature can be kept at between 0 °C and 3 °C and humidity set in advance so that the friendly enzymes found in meat can get to work. With their help, the meat’s proteins are denatured, changing not only the flavour, but also the color and texture of the meat and ensuring the cut you receive is gloriously succulent and tender. The cabinets are sturdy, reliable, and offer a whole world of meat-cured and cheese ripening possibility.

Experience the best of dry-curing with a meat cabinet from Savoury Imports – contact us for details!