Delicious Italian meats, pastas, and salads would be nothing if it wasn’t for the herbs and spices they’re dressed in.

Bring your flavours to life with our collection of assorted Italian herbs and spices.

Our spice selection offers high-quality ingredients at affordable prices for catering and industrial use. We offer a unique variety of condiments that blend classic Italian herbs and spices for flavor enhancing results. The herbs and spices we include are; pepper, red pepper flakes, coriander, saffron, bay leaves, parsley, rosemary, basic, oregano, sage, marjoram and paprika.

Our suppliers are hand-picked farmers and growers that use time-honoured traditions to grow the most spectacularly flavoured spices. As the base of many classic Italian dishes, we believe that the role of herbs and spices is a vital one in Italian cuisine. For this reason, we make sure our products are treated respectfully, arriving in your kitchen in perfect condition.

At each stage in the journey of our herbs and spices – from growing to picking, and packing to shipping – they are given complete care to ensure none of their delicate flavour is lost. The herb and spice range from Savoury Imports offer a beautiful twist to any classic Italian dish.

Inquire about our variety of spices to see how you can give your food an extra hint of flavor.