About Us

Our meats, marinades, and spices – imported directly from sunny Italian coasts – are the best that Italy has to offer.

Italian food is all about the flavor, the feeling, and the memories. And that’s exactly what comes with foods from Savoury Imports Ltd. From the plains of the Po Valley to the coastal cliffs of Sicily, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for Italy’s best.

We show the respect and dedication that our trade deserves. All our products come packed with the flavor and care that we’ve come to expect from our top Italian suppliers. Finding the best quality food is not just a job for us, it’s our motto – And we want to share that with our many friends in the Greater Toronto Area.

Savoury Imports has quickly built a trustworthy and respected name, thanks to our faultless customer service that is at the centre of everything we do. Like a meal without family, our business would be a lonely pursuit if it wasn’t for the fond community that we have helped grow. For Italian delicacies, including meats, spices, cheeses and much, much more, there is no one better placed to deliver the traditional tasty products you require.

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