The marinade is a Mediterranean delight, and none are more spectacular than the marinades available from savoury imports ltd.

Our marinades are imported from across Italy, offering a culinary look into every area and season of the country.

Marinades don’t only enhance the flavor of a dish. They also offer extra tenderness of both meat and vegetables and help safeguard the natural moisture of meat during the cooking process. This is particularly important for grilled meats, where the high heat can strip moisture from the meat, resulting in a tough textured, flavourless cut.

And while chicken breast is the most popular cut among guests in restaurants, grocers, and caterers, it offers a mild flavor and, when prepared poorly, can become very dry. With our marinades, chicken breasts retain their natural flavours and have a helping hand to enhance their taste. We carry a wide variety of authentic marinades that can be used to improve any meal.

As customer care is central to our company culture, we make sure that every marinade we carry meets the highest standards in production and uses only the best, natural ingredients.

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